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Assorted Current London Pocket Guides - Lucky Bag Of 10


Well, there is another one, for those who either collect our London Pocket Guides – or who would like to. We’ve got some unsold sales stock, from this year’s sales stock. All are in good condition, but have been stored between sales. (We’ve chucked the worst ones!) So, we can do a very special pre-Christmas offer while stock lasts – ten different London Pocket Guides for £32! These will be our choice/pre-packed, all current editions, and the first few will also have an extra non-London freebie chucked in for good measure! We have only a small number of these special bags at this price, so please order now while stocks last! The £32 price can be combined with other offer codes, and our gift vouchers etc. Please let us know if you have any problems using these codes.