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Archway, Hampstead Heath, and Highgate Bus Timetable - 2nd Edition - 9th July 2016


Firstly, we have a new Archway, Hampstead Heath & Highgate Area Bus Timetables. This is the second edition, and replaces the October 2015 version. It covers the area of the open day too, which means we thought it would be rude not to reprint it! The cover is a light peach background, to distinguish it from others we’ve done before. The timetables inside have changed slightly, with changes to the 17, 41, 43, 46, 134, 143, 168, 210, 263, 268, 271, C11, N41, and W5. So, these are all contained in a new edition of the book, dated Saturday 9th July 2016 (yes, the date of the event!). There’s a bit more information added about the London Overground “GOBLIN” (Gospel Oak to Barking LINk) line, as well as a timetable for replacement bus Service J on the back page (it does seem a bit surreal seeing that on the Great Northern displays at Finsbury Park when I’m heading home!) To facilitate this, the rear North London Night Bus Map is displaced to the centre page. So, 60 pp, and still great value at £4.50, including UK postage to your door!