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Barry Doe’s Directory of Printed Bus & Rail Timetables - Edition 37 - 1st December 2017


The second one this year, we have a brand new Doe’s Directory for sale. Edition 37 is dated 1st December 2017, and is correct up to that morning. The full title is “Barry Doe’s Directory of Printed Bus & Rail Timetables, Websites and Enquiry Offices".

This is in full colour throughout, containing 94 A4 pages, staple bound. The Directory lists contact details for many bus and coach operators, local authorities and more. The directory lists the best timetables in the British Isles, as well as listing the date and prices and titles of every current timetable. There are also lists of selected rail and metro services, and a wide variety of links to useful websites and contacts. The Rail Operators map (recently expanded to cover Metro and Tram services) can be also found, over two pages of A4.

This book is now ready and on sale at £15.00 – including postage in the UK.

As with the last few Directories, these are published from Here To There Publishing directly, and cannot be obtained from Barry.