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Index to Public Transport in London (Volume 99) - 3rd June 2017

£30.00 / Coming Soon

Our Comprehensive Guides to London (and other areas) are covered in a separate section, immediately after this one. However, a fair number of you do prefer the smaller, one-off guides that we produce. Some of you have asked about an Index, as in Volume 96A. To co-incide with it’s near readiness, we have done the Indexes (to Serices, and Places Served) as a separate book. This is a one-off edition (not updatable), and can now be purchased for £30.00 post free. The Index to Places Served alone takes up more than 400 pages, with two columns per page.

As things stand on Tuesday 13th June 2017, we are finishing off the Indexes and compilation, so we should be able to get this out in the next fortnight. So, order this now, and you will get it sent direct, on the day of release.