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Stagecoach East Fleet Handbook (Third Edition) 1st January 2016 - 907_SKM_003

£6.95 / Sold Out

Stagecoach East Fleet Handbook 2016 (Third Edition – now incorporating
Norfolk Green/Stagecoach in Norfolk) - £6.95 + (£1.45 P&P from April 2018) POSTAGE/PACKING


Since the last edition of our Stagecoach East Fleet Handbook there have been numerous fleet
changes as the fleet is upgraded. More significantly, in early 2015 the former Norfolk Green fleet
based at King’s Lynn was absorbed into Stagecoach East. This latest edition is fully expanded to
include details of the vehicles operating from the former Norfolk Green depot at King’s Lynn. As usual
a complete fleet listing is accompanied by details of liveries and branding as well as the weekday
allocation of vehicles to routes. This book has details of all buses operating from Stagecoach depots
in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk.
A6 portrait size, glossy card cover, 48 pages including Allocation Supplement

UK Price - £6.95 plus (£1.45 P&P from April 2018) postage/packing.
This title is fulfilled by Steven Knight Media directly.