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Stagecoach South East Fleet Handbook (Edition 2) by Steven Knight Media


Stagecoach South East Fleet Handbook (Edition 2)
£6.50 + £1.45 Postage
44 pages
A6 Portrait
Card cover and illustrated in full colour throughout.

This book covers the Stagecoach fleet operating in across the South East region

We have been informed by Stagecoach that changes will be made to the South East fleet on June 2nd 2018. This will involve the withdrawal of the fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Little&Often) fleet which will be replaced with larger vehicles.
As a result we have taken the decision to delay publication of the above book, which was due to be printed this week. It will now be published in late July. This will enable us to include details of the additional vehicles that will be allocated to the Stagecoach South East fleet.