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Updates (Hard Copy) For Tayside Area Comprehensive Guide


This page is to purchase updates for the Comprehensive Guide to Tayside. At this time (17th Dec 16) we expect the book to be ready on or by May/June 2017. See our dedicated page at http://heretotheregroup.com/?page_id=275 for more details. For our downloads (site in progress) see http://www.dundeebuses.info (site wide update expected early Jan 17) for your downloads.
Customers who have purchased the book will have a Coupon code to get a discount on paper updates (or six months free) – follow the steps there.

For this title, updates are sent every two months (paper).

This is for UPDATES ONLY – please see the dedicated page http://heretotheregroup.com/?page_id=275 for the links, to buy the entire book.